Urinary Retention

Welcome to the MSSIC UR toolkit. It contains past MSSIC presentations focused on UR prevention and MSSIC developed resources such as the: MSSIC UR Prevention Guidelines and the MSSIC Guideline for Policies on Preop PVR assessment and documentation. Publication articles are attached as well as some shared site resources. Each MSSIC site is encouraged to assess the current state at their institution, perform root cause analysis, and take into consideration their unique patient population and unique site culture when developing an action plan. Our hope is that the following tools and resources will assist you in that process.


MSSIC Resources

Fernandez – UR, November 9, 2018 MSSIC Meeting
MSSIC Guideline for Policy – Preop, Post Void Residual Bladder Screening
MSSIC UR Prevention Guidelines



Indwelling Urinary Catheter and HAIs – Clayton – AORN Journal May 2017, Vol 105, No 5
Michigan Appropriate Perioperative Use of Urinary Catheter Use – BMJ Qual Saf 2018-008025 August 2018
Postoperative Urinary Retention in Patients Undergoing Elective Spine Surgery – J Neurosurg Spine 26 – 229-234 2017
Risk Factors and Associated Complications for POUR After Lumbar Surgery – The Spine Journal 18, 2018, 1533-1539
Standardization of OR Urinary Catheter Use – BMJ Qual Saf 2017-007458 May 2018


Shared Site Resources

Attached are tools and resources that have been graciously shared by other MSSIC sites.  You may use them to assist in the development of your own site tools.

Henry Ford West Bloomfield Urinary Retention Prevention Guidelines