Surgical Site Infection

Welcome to the MSSIC SSI toolkit.  It contains past MSSIC presentations focused on SSI prevention and MSSIC developed resources such as:  Back to the basics, MSSIC Personal and Home Hygiene patient education tool, and the MSSIC SSI Prevention Guidelines.  Also included are numerous publication articles with a focus on SSI prevention.  Each MSSIC site is encouraged to assess the current state at their institution, perform root cause analysis, and take into consideration their unique patient population and unique site culture when developing an action plan.  Our hope is that the following tools and resources will assist you in that process.

MSSIC Resources

Past presentations and MSSIC tools.

Henry Ford Allegiance – SSI – Nov 2019 MSSIC Meeting
Jarabek – Back to Basics – Personal and Home Hygiene
Krinock – SSI Nov 9, 2019 MSSIC Meeting
MSSIC Personal and Home Hygiene Handout
MSSIC SSI Prevention Guidelines
Nutrition (Albumin) Assessment Prior to Surgery, J. Schwalb, August 2020, MSSIC Collaborative Meeting
SSI Prevention in Spine Surgery, I. Aleem, August 2020, MSSIC Collaborative Meeting


CDC SSI Prevention Guidelines – JAMA Surgery, 2017
CDC SSI Prevention Patient Education
CHG Showers Associated with Reduction in SSI following Spine Surgery – Neurosurgery, Vol 85, Num 6, Dec 2019
Implementation of an Infection Prevention Bundle and Increased Physician Awareness – J Neurosurg Spine 29, 108-114, 2018
Low Preoperative Serum Prealbumin Levels and the Postoperative SSI Risk – J Neursurg Spine 29, 549-522, 2018
Multimodal Nutritional Management in Lumbar Spine Surgery – SPINE Volume 44, Num 14, pp 967-974
Nutritional Optimization in Spine Surgery – Clinical Spine Surgery Vol 31, Num 3, April 2018
Preop Measures to Minimize Risk of SSI – Surgical Neurology International 2018, 9-251
Preop Serum Albumin, Predictor of Postop Complication After Spine Surgery – SPINE Vol 39, Num 18, pp 1513-1519
Prevention of SSI in Spine Surgery – Neurosurgery-online, Vol 80, Num 3, March 2017
SSI In Spine Surgery, Preop Prevention Strategies – Global Spine Journal, Vol 8-4S, 2018
SSI Prevention in Spine Surgery – Global Spine Journal Vol 10-IS, 2020
SSI-Change-Package, HRET 2018 Update
Strategies to Prevent SSI, 2014 Update, SHEA