Welcome to the MSSIC QI Education & Tools toolkit.  It contains past MSSIC QI Education, QI Report templates, and the completed example QI Report from “Avenger Medical Center,” demonstrating appropriate content and the level of detail to be included.  Also attached is the helpful document, “What Successful MSSIC Sites Do.”  It describes practical tips gleaned from top performing MSSIC sites.  Additionally, there are resources under “Other QI Resources” that describe different methods and tools that are helpful in the development and implementation of QI Initiatives.  As always, please reach out to the MSSIC QI Lead, Kari Jarabek, with any questions or needs:  kjarabe1@hfhs.org, or (313)574-9633.


MSSIC QI Education & QI Report Templates

MSSIC QI Report Example Site
QI Keys to Success, Collaborating & Learning
QI Reporting Template, blank
QI Reporting Template, instructions
Quality Improvement 101
Quality Improvement 102
Quality Improvement 103
What Successful MSSIC Sites Do


Other QI Resources

5 Whys Tool
Great QI Example – Early Postoperative Ambulation Back to Basics
IHI Developing Reliable Processes
IHI QI Project Management
IHI QI Project Measures Worksheet
IHI QI Team Member Work Styles
IHI QI Team Member Worksheet
QI Essentials Toolkit