Current Performance Index & Supporting Documents

Below are the current Performance Indexes and Supporting Documents. Year 1 site documents are for newly recruited MSSIC sites and are participation only. All other sites look for your Cohort and choose the appropriate documents. It is important that the Performance Index and the Performance Index Supporting Document are referenced together.


MSSIC_Performance_Index_2023_Cohorts 1,2,3,4,5_FINAL
2023 MSSIC Performance_Index_supporting_doc_Cohort 1,2,3,4,5_FINAL
MSSIC_Performance Index_2023_Cohort 6_Year 2_FINAL
2023 MSSIC Performance_Index_supporting_doc_Cohort 6 Year 2_FINAL
MSSIC_Performance Index_2023_Cohort 7_Year 1_FINAL
2023 MSSIC Performance_Index_supporting_doc_Cohort 7_Year 1_FINAL


MSSIC Performance Index 2022 – Cohorts 1234_REVISED
MSSIC Performance Index 2022 Supporting Doc – Cohorts 1234_REVISED
MSSIC Performance Index 2022 Cohort 5 Year 2 FINAL
MSSIC Performance Index 2022 supporting doc Cohort 5 Year 2 FINAL